Esdras Three Headed Eagle Prophecy

4 09 2009

For some strange reason I recently got to reading the vision of the three headed eagle in the “hidden book” of 2 Esdras and given the recent huge rise in earthquakes and the uprising of people world wide noticed the following:

Therefore when there shall be seen earthquakes and uproars of the people in the world: Then shalt thou well understand (4 Esdras 9:3-4)

Then shalt thou well understand what? Perhaps Esdras’ dream of the three headed eagle in chapter 11 that goes like this. A nation was to arise represented by an eagle with three heads and 12 normal wings (or feathers in some translations), plus 8  contrary wings  would rule over the earth. The three heads and wings (or feathers) each represent different rulers of this powerful nation. Each of the wings take turns in an orderly manner one after another to rule,  while the heads are sleeping.

3 headed eagle

The prophecy picks up the story after the nation has been in danger of collapse near the middle of its existence.  The rule of the second wing after that time was to be twice as long and greater than any other. After this no other would be allowed to rule as long – only half as long. When the 12 had taken their turns to rule,  smaller contrary wings began to rule. After the first one ruled, then the second but not for as long as the first contrary wing. After that the next two  were planning to rule jointly when the first big head awoke and ripped these two wings off with its beak. This head ruled over the entire world. When he had passed away the other two heads awoke and took turns in ruling. By this stage the eagle is rebuked by a lion and his kingdom is devastated. Finally the last two contrary feathered wings then rule over what is left until the eagle is completely burned up. There are two more contrary wings mentioned, that rule somewhere in the middle of all of this (before the 3 heads) but is not quite clear where in the sequence.

What does it mean? Esdras tells us that this three headed eagle is the fourth kingdom of Daniel which most scholars believe refers to Rome and many have tried to match the wings and heads with the various roman emperors but it does not quite fit. The eagle is the emblem of the USA as it was that of the Roman Empire. So if we realise that the American Empire is the prophetic counterpart to the Roman Empire [see this page on Daniel’s  vision] we start to see how it all fits. There are many parallels between the three heads of this eagle and the three rulers of Daniel’s fourth kingdom described in Dan 11:16-30 (Click here to see its ancient and modern-day fulfillment).

The wings take turns in an orderly manner to rule, which the emperors by the most part never did, but the presidents do, serving one or two four year terms. There has only ever been one president that has ruled longer than all the others being F.D.Roosevelt who served 4 terms from 1933-1945 (passed away at the start of his fourth term). The USA had begun to emerged as a world economic power after WW1 and by 1929 dominated the world economy. Hence Roosevelt was the 2nd wing of this world dominating empire, its dominance would first be economic and then military. After this leader the law would be changed limiting presidents to 2 terms. Counting the remaining 10 wings/presidents we find that Clinton was the last one before the first two contrary wings. We expect there to be significant changes in the style and manner of government in the presidencies of the contrary wings and this is confirmed by history. Then there were to be 2 more presidents after Clinton, being Bush and Soetero. Then the first head awakes. Originally I assumed that this implied that “the current president is to be succeeded by someone that is unelected. That means that either the 2016 election is cancelled or postponed or the President elect is taken out or there is a coup”. However Esdras does not actually dictate that the first head be unelected. It just could be a non politician out of left field that happens to be elected  (Others believe that the prophecy points to 4 presidents after Clinton.) Under this leader the US empire will dominate the world like never before. Two others will succeed him/her. The nation will then be devastated by natural disasters. Finally two more elected presidents will preside over the final days of the US.

Dec 2016: I have written an update post – click here.

You can read the text of the prophecy for yourself here or here.

Update… Here is a little more of the three headed eagle prophecy,  going with the theme that the first head is unelected..

Esdras three headed eagle

Esdras three headed eagle




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15 08 2012

How can we pause the slide show?

6 10 2012

I have temporarily added a link at the bottom of the post to a PDF version of the presentation

17 11 2012

A Marvelous piece of work, Your hypothesis mirrors mine (You are the only other person I have found that Figured FDR for position #2 as well as the Eagle and ascent to power being “USA”).

When I compared your work to mine I found what seems to be an error in yours – “11:11 And I numbered her contrary feathers, and, behold, there were eight of them.” Your Calculations (“After this leader the law would be changed limiting presidents to 2 terms. Counting the remaining 10 wings/presidents we find that Clinton was the last one before the first two contrary wings.”) only account for 6 of the 8 wings (not the 2 also referred to in 12:21) – Thus Clinton isn’t the last prior to the 2 Contrary wings, Obama is… So if Obama does achieve his inauguration that may be the reason

28 11 2012

We are not given very much information about these 2 other contrary wings. All we are told in Chap.12:21 is that they perish just before the middle of the eagle’s life, which corresponds to before the great depression at the start of the 12 normal wings according to the RSV. Which would mean that they don’t affect the sequence of presidents as I have shown them. I guess Woodrow Wilson would be one of these two.

If the current inauguration does take place, then I guess that my interpretation of these two stray wings is wrong, pushing the entire sequence out as you say. That being so it could be 2025 or 2033 before the first head wakes. Time will tell.

3 12 2012

It is frustrating trying to decipher things with such sketchy clues.
The translation I used differs slightly from yours (May account for some small differences):
Good News Translation – “Two of them will appear briefly near the middle of the period…”

NSV – “and two of them shall perish when the middle of its time draws near”

I place the middle at Nixon/Ford.
The two contrary wings I have guesstimated as being Ford and Carter (Ford serving out the remainder of Nixon’s term – I’m 90+% sure on, Carter because he was ineffectual – the Hostage Situation – don’t think any prior to Nixon would be considered a small or ineffectual enough to be considered a minor player). – But just guessing.

I think that the first head waking will be prior to 2025 – in any event.
The Big picture doesn’t change – other than knowing what to watch for and being prepared for it.

(I think we’re so close that if we were being graded on it I think one of us would get an A+ and the other an A and only a little timing would determine the difference).

27 01 2014

Six presidents remain after Obama.
The four feathers will remain in place and think to reign
the next two presidents of USA will in quick succession rule America for a short period of time.
The time of the second will be shorter than the first. these two will die their middle term approaching.
The next two (of the four feathers) will be eaten by the head in the middle that will then oppress the whole world. These two will be set up but will not rule
the last two who went under the head on the right will rule at the time of the end over a small kingdom full of trouble. These two will be kept to the end.
America will be burnt up.
So possibly in the next ten years or so America will be burnt up and China Russia and Leopard lion bear beast (Iraq, Iran,Greece,Egypt, Syria,Turkey ,Macedonia ) will be in power

5 09 2014

I wonder if Yellowstone will have anything to do with the burning up.

The leopard like beast from Rev 13 – is an empire/kingdom that existed in the past and is reborn – we are told that in the past it received a deadly wound but that it is healed and restored to power. The assortment of nations you list were never an empire so they can not regain what they never had. The leopard like or “first beast” is none other than the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire – ie the EU under control of a church (guess which). Rev 13 tells us that the world will be made to worship (or serve) this new Holy Roman Empire by an other empire referred to as the image of the beast. What empire is it that has for the last 50 years secretly worked to establish the EU and funding / arming / and empowering it (read NATO) to reclaim its lost colonial power? It’s the three headed eagle. Who will step into the limelight when the US is gone? The EU – the reincarnated Holy Roman Empire

6 09 2014
John Rothery

You are correct in your understanding of Rev.13: but the Holy Roman Empire will never regain it’s power through the EU. – Dan.2: predicts all attempts to do such will fail – England being problem. The prophecy of the 3 headed eagle shows how they will succeed.

Many nations have used the eagle as their national emblem but only the US. has risen to the top. The 3 heads represent the zenith of it’s power but only 2 get to rule – these are the 2 phases of the New World Order. Phase 1 is the UN. which has laws and regulations set up for total control – phase 2 takes advantage of a power vacuum – guess who that is? They’ve done it before!

Note the UN. is also set up as an emergency government and the problems we see with Islamic radicals – who knows if a backlash could hit the US. It’s also interesting that ancient Rome used the eagle.

19 09 2014

If you look at you will see that Dan2,7,11 have already repeated 3 times in history – after the fourth kingdom falls (Assyria, Rome, US) a mysterious Babylonish empire (the first beast) always arises – and Rev 13 makes it clear that it will arise again. Esdras says that the eagle is Daniel’s 4th kingdom.

England’s day has passed and it will do as it is told by the Bilderbergers and their masters, it does not matter what the people want. The (un)holy Roman empire is arising and will do so until America is taken out of the way. The liberties and economic prosperity of common Europeans are of no consequence to those who have long been working to resurrect Europe’s ancient Regime. The ancient Regime will rise even as EU’s economy falters.

The UN may play a role in the future but the fact is that without US support the UN is powerless – while the US stands the UN will remain subservient. Both (along with the EU) are tools of those that leading the world to its apocalypse, but the US is the main chess piece on the board for removing forces opposing the globalist agenda. Once it has served is purpose and prepared the way it will be taken away and The EU’s unholy roman empire will regain is long lost place as the leader of the once-free world. It is already tottering on the edge of economic oblivion but it will be supported until its work on the earth is done. It’s fall, when it does happen will be astonishing.

16 04 2016

I’m not a big fan of allegorising or spritualising prophecy. It says the eagle is a single nation, not the entire world. If it says the heads are the persons that lead the government then they are not international organisations. The heads are the rulers of one nation. Once you start allegorising then you can just make up any interpretation you want to suit.
On the issue of the Holy Roman Empire/4th reich, it is already being being reborn through the EU but most people can’t recognise it. You have heard the expression “order out of chaos” – the Napoleonic empire emerged from the turmoil of the French revolution – the EU must first be plunged in political/enconomic/cultural turmoil before its rebirth is complete. People won’t see it until it is too late.

23 01 2016

The kingdom of the antichrist consists of the lion, leopard ,bear kingdoms that were not present in the days of Apostle John.
The five fallen kings are Iraq, Iran, Greece, Syria, Egypt.
But also note that the beast has the head that was in place which is Rome and it includes papal Rome and Eastern Rome and the ten horns.
One more head was yet to come.
The seventh head is in my belief the USA.

Now we can see that the beast is arising.
It is being propelled by the religion of Islam.
It arises as the ISIS Islamic state of Iraq and Syria.
Other Islam nations will join notably Iran, Egypt, Turkey , Lybia.

But most notable is that ISIS seeks to conquer Europe and the EU nations.

Their most important city of conquest is Rome.

After they conquer Europe they are determined to conquer the USA.

With the help of the dragon and the false prophet working miracles signs and wonders they will dominate the world and the church and beheaded those who don’t worship the beast and enforce the worship of the image of the beast and the number of the beast 666.

An Islamic caliphate is forming that will include Iraq, Iran, Greece , Syria, Egypt ,Rome and EU, and the USA.
It will be the eighth kingdom.
The one world government and religion of antichrist Islam .

16 04 2016

Interesting view, I agree on the identification of the 7th head, but disagree that an Islamic Caliphate will form the 8th head and new world order for two reasons.

First of all the 8th head is “the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” (Rev 17:11) So they 8th can not be a new head it has to be a rebirth of one of the the previous 6 heads that have all been world dominating empires. The heads can’t be refering to the nations that were around in 90AD but rather the nations that have made up the nations that played a role in Daniel’s visions. So the eight according to history and the book of Daniel are (1) Babylon, (2) Medo-Persia, (3) Greece (4) Pagan Rome (5) Holy Roman Empire {500-1500} (6) Modern Europe/Empires {1500-1900} (7) US (8) EU – 4th riech. Syria was never one of these. ISIS is a mercenary army under the control of foreign powers, not an empire, it is not of the eight.

Also Esdra in vision (15:28-42) relating to events preceeding the destruction of Bayblon and outpouring of the final plagues (compare to Revelation 16-17) saw war between Iran (Caramanians) and Arabia and involving Iraq. If these are at war with each other just prior to the end of all things they can not be the basis for a new world order.

Bear in mind who it is that provides the military hardware and whose foreign policy controls the actions of the ME nations. They are merely dogs on a leash. They might turn on each other, but are kept more or less under control at the pleasure of their master, until the master is no more. The ME policy of the world powers has been since WW2 to Balkanise the ME and keep it destabilised and this policy is still in place. When the Eagle is no more the ME nations will set out to destroy each other and even the West but according to Esdras and indeed Rev 9 in regard to the 5th and 6th trumpets, that will not be the beginning of a new world order but the end of all things.

Europe may look vulnerable but that is all part of the plan, it is all scripted. The 4th reich can not arise without an internal foe to justify the transformation of Europe politically, economically and culturally (incl religion). Go back and read about the social engineering used to facilitate the rise of the 3rd reich. Also go back and look at the justifications given for the start of the 1500’s spanish inquisition – you will find that eradicting Islam from Europe was a big factor.

25 02 2014

Very good work. Thanks for this resource. My gut feeling is that I don’t think we are that very far away from the Antichrist; a major time of important decision-making for members of the human race.

4 04 2014
John Rothery

I discovered this prophecy about 18 yrs ago. It took me 6 months to relate it the US – how dumb can I be – it is so obvious. This is a brief outline of what I have discovered with help from others on this prophecy.
There is to be 12 rulers [wings/feathers] the second of which is the longest serving which is Roosevelt. Here is the way the list goes. [1] Hoover 1929
{ the Vatican’s land returned and the great depression of Oct 1929 with all money crashes since then taking place on Oct.} [2] Roosevelt – [3] Truman –
[4] Eisenhower – [5] Kennedy – [6] Johnson – [7] Nixon – {Ford not elected} [8] Carter – [9] Reagan – [10] Bush – [11] Clinton – [12] Bush. NOTE – Ford was
not elected!
During the time of these 12 two {minor wings/under feathers} appear. These
wings/feathers may or may not attain power but if they do it will be shortened.
The first is Robert Kennedy {assonated} the second was Vice President Agnew {resigned because of Watergate}. Obama is also a minor wing/feather and whoever follows him will be likewise but his rein will be much shorter. Then its the eagles heads.
In the interpretation Ch. 12. a voice is heard from the eagles body which predicts the apparent fall and recovery of this nation. The body of the eagle symbolises or represents the time period preceding the 12 wings – there are 30 Presidents before Hoover – Abraham Lincoln was the 16th – the time of civil war. This is the midst of the time of the kingdom. So far the prophecy is on track.

8 04 2016
Anu kadam

Very good study

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