Pole Shift Causing Earthquakes?

4 03 2011

With the increasing seismic activity of the last few years (click here) and extreme weather related disasters it is easy to overlook another natural phenomena that is undergoing unprecedented increase. From the earliest records in 1590 we know that the locations of the earth’s magnetic poles wander by up to a kilometer or two each year.

What is interesting is that over the last century the distance that the North Pole has shifted began rising. It gained even more speed  over the last 20 years, reaching a peak in the year 2000 when it shifted 71 kilometers. Since then it has continued moving towards Siberia at a rate of between 50 to 60 kms each year. At the same time the earth’s magnetic field strength has been markedly decreasing which is likely to have catastrophic consequences on the ecology such as the recent spate of mass animal deaths not to mention effects on our high-tech human civilisation.

What I find interesting about the pole shift is that if you plot the pole shift distance per year together with the number of earthquakes greater than a magnitude of 3.0 since 1975 we get an interesting correlation: (click on the chart for a sharper image)

(The pole shift data comes from the NOAA and the earthquake data from USGS.)

What we see is a reasonably high correlation between the poleshift and number of earthquakes each year.  It is unclear whether one is causing the other or if both are being caused by something else behind the scenes such as the influence of the sun or changes deep down in the earth’s core. Given that there is no known reason for the unprecedented increase in earthquakes (making denial the easy ‘scientific’ choice) this link with the pole shift is highly interesting. If the pole shift increase continues as do the earthquake rises then life on this planet is going to get very interesting indeed – and bring about an apocalypse of Biblical proportions – the final apocalypse.




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30 08 2014

Hi – I’ve posted your URL in U-tube comments I’ve made, in order more people will find it. Best wishes.

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