Earthquake Increase – 2011 Updates

11 03 2011

(updated Nov 17, 2011)

Today we exceeded last years record for the most number of Magn 5+ earthquakes in a year. The highest ever was 2270 in 2007 and as of today we reached a total of 2282 for the year and there are still 6 weeks remaining. Given that we are averaging about 5 to 6 a day and there are still another 42 days or so left I expect we will beat the record by about 210 quakes to make a total of about 2490 of Magn 5+ quakes for the 2011 calendar year.

Its not just that this year has broken the record for the all time highest number of earthquakes of magnitude 5 and up but of across all magnitudes as is clear from the charts upto 2008 showing the exponential rise is the number of quakes with magnitudes below 5.0. It is just a shame the that powers that be decided after 2008 that it was in our best interest to stop making the data available and to keep us in the dark, about what is really happening to the earth.

(updated Sept 15, 2011)

In the last 25 hours there have been four earthquakes greater than 6.0 including a 7.3 in Fiji. Over the last 50 years there has only been on average 10 quakes a month of magnitude 6.0 and up. So having 4 in a day and 8 this week is in keeping with this year’s explosive increase in the number of earthquakes. This year we have already had 174 M6.0 and up and more than 2000 M5.0 and up, which in both cases is above the long term average.:


Magn 5+

Magn 6+

Magn 7+









The chart below has been updated and is current to Aug 30, 2011. (click on it for a sharper image)

I would love to show you a chart of the explosion in earthquakes of all mangnitudes over the last few years but I can’t because they stopped releasing the earthquake data for magnitudes less than 4.5. You can still see the exponential rise across all magnitudes from 1975 – 2008  here.

(Update Mar 11, 2011)

When I looked at the recent number of earthquakes this morning I could tell something was brewing. Over the last 5 days there had been 8 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater including a magnitude 7. Given that on average there have been about 100 magnitude 6+ quakes a year on average over the last half century  having 8 of them in 5 days is what I call a real earthquake swarm… something that is unfortunately going to become more and more frequent.

So it is not surprising when a few hours ago the 4th strongest earthquake in recorded history (that has tilted the earth’s axis by 10 centimeters) with a reading of 9.0 hit just off the coast of Japan, followed by 18 more quakes all greater than 6.0 including a 7.1 quake and another 80 quakes of magnitude 5.0 and up all within a single day. That is 120 major quakes within 24 hours; a new all time high. Talk about aftershocks! Another all time high is having 31 strong quakes > magnitude 6.0 which is a third of the yearly quota take place within just a week.  At this rate we are in for a bumper year.If this trend continues 2011 will be the year with the most number of mag 6+ quakes on record. [update: it is now August and we have had 150% more quakes than any other year on record]

The only ones who claim that earthquakes are not increasing are those that are willingly blind and refuse to look at the facts. Even the insurance companies know it and plan for it as part of their risk management strategies. Get ready for we have seen nothing yet…. “and there shall be earthquakes in diverse places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows” (Mark 13:8)  and you know what comes next… or you should because your life will depend on it.




2 responses

25 11 2011

Hello, thanks for the article.
Could you point me to the data source that you’ve used for these graphs?

I’m trying to put together a short leaflet detailing all of the Signs of the Times,
but I’m having trouble with some of the figures, for instance, this image:

…which I would very much like to include (with your permission), is extremely clear,
but I’m having trouble reconciling it with, e.g., this page:

I’ve never been terribly good with figures, so it’s quite possible I’m missing the
obvious. Thank you in advance

2 12 2011

Looking at the other webpage it looks like the data after 1975 is the same as what I have.
What I did was to download the 23 Megabyte USGS EPIC database containing all 446,000+ quakes since 1975 by filling out the form found here then for earthquakes before 1975 I downloaded the centenial database also from the USGS website. I then merged the two databases and plotted the resulting charts. While both claim to be complete there seems to be some discrepancies between them, but the basic upward trend is pretty clear, especially if you look at this the more compelete charts on this page

The problem is that the USGS has many different web pages/databases showing different numbers of earthquakes. Sometimes it depends on which seismic station is used to take the “reference” magnitude reading from. Other times it is more arbitrary and some web pages just show a selection of earthquakes that have caused civilian deaths, on other pages it just shows quakes in a geographic region, on another page it is just a random selection of earthquakes and that changes over time without any clear indication of why some are included and others are omitted. Because these discrepancies are not made clear up front it is hard to know when you have all the data. To complicate matters the USGS has stopped recording the number of many earthquakes.

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