Celebrating the Restoration of the Ancient Regime

2 07 2016

Historically many protestants have held that the woman riding the beast of Revelation 17 represents the Holy Roman Empire under the the control of Rome. The woman being a church and the beast a kingdom. The woman is a harlot because of the illicit relationship it has with the kings that make up this empire. This beast is essentially identical to the “first” beast described in Rev 13, the one that enforces the mark of the beast. They both have 7 heads and 10 horns and blaspheme God. Rev 13 gives us the additional information that this beast essentially resurrects from an apparent deadly wound which is why in Rev 17 we are told that this beast “was and is not yet shall ascend” It “is not” because following its deadly wound this empire apparently ceases to exist until its wound is healed and it resurrects from apparently nowhere.

According to a common protestant understanding the deadly wound was inflicted by Napoleon’s 1798 overthrow of the “Ancient Regime” which was essentially the socio-politico-religio-economic system of the Holy Roman Empire, medieval Europe during the dark ages. This system was dominated by one thousand year old ecclesiastical and aristocratic institutions that colluded together to control the populace for their own gain. In this system the state was no more than “the sword of the church”. Thus the clergy and aristocracy (being ordained by god, ie his representative, the pope) were above the law, which was itself largely dictated by the church. Dissidence, either political or religious was punishable by the most gruesome death and freedom of conscience was a mortal heresy, as were the ideas of freedom of speech, association, privacy, right to a fair trial, private property etc. All this, ie the ancient regime, came to an end not just in practice but also formally with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. While Napoleon struck the final blow, in truth the Ancient Regime had been bleeding ever since Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the Wittenburg’s castle church door in 1517. That led to the protest of the German Princes against the abuses of the church and their embracing of the freedoms of conscience, speech and religion. They were joined soon after in breaking away from Rome by the English throne and other nations.

In this context it is interesting to note that in 2017,  the 500th anniversary of the reformation is to be celebrated with the culmination of an extraordinary year of Jubilee. But why celebrate this with a Jubilee, especially since the protestant reformation was fought bitterly by the church? In the Old Testament, the Jubilee served as a special occasion for the restoration of lost property and the regaining of lost liberties. In the years before hand, misfortune may have led the loss of hereditary property, but this would be recovered at no cost on the Jubilee. Similarly the lost liberty of all that had been delivered into servitude for whatever reason was to be restored at this time. Thus it was also a time for rejoicing because what had been once lost was now regained. The church and its privileged class did indeed suffer a misfortune, it lost its liberty to persecute heretics, to depose kings and to act above the  law. It also lost its temporal supremacy over the Holy Roman Empire, its private possession,  the cause of which can be traced to events beginning in 1517 and  culminating in 1798.  Having lost their privileged positions the main goal of the institutions of the old regime was to regain what was lost; and for that it was necessary to to eliminate the political, economic and religious freedoms that had been at the core of the matter. The New Catholic Encyclopedia explains..

The church could indeed forgive and forget the plundering, the bloody persecution, event the sacrilegious overthrow of the Holy See during the revolution. It could also consent to deal with the new secularized states to obtain the blessings of peace and to safeguard religious liberty. It could not an would not however tolerate the propagation of those doctrines championed by the Revolution that were injurious to God [ie his representative the pope] and society. Among them was the substitution of popular sovereignty [ie democracy] for authority emanating from God [ie his representative the pope]. Unacceptable to the Church also was the concession of equal rights to religious truth and error implied in the phrase ‘liberty of opinion’ or ‘liberty of conscience‘ – New Catholic Encyclopedia, V.6, pg. 193

The many wars, assassinations, intrigues, economic boycotts, the endless array of efforts over hundreds of years to eliminate these “pestilential errors” has almost finally paid off. The end of these liberties is now in sight, the protest of the reformation is essentially dead. Along with its passing,  democracy,  freedom of conscience and related hard won liberties that the west has enjoyed for the past few centuries are rapidly dissipating, and the celebrations have begun.

Today it is not difficult to see how the institutions of the (un)Holy Roman Empire are being restored. Crown Prince Otto van Habsburg, heir to the throne of the lapsed Holy Roman Empire said: ‘The Community (EU) is living… by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire, though the great majority of the people… don’t know’. The old regime, broken by the protestant reformation and finished off by Napoleon’s armies is today regaining its lost estate. Few know that another name for the Holy Roman Empire is the first Reich. What Hitler’s third reich failed to achieve militarily is being achieved by intrigue, bribery, economic blackmail and stratagem. A  fourth reich – a compact between the state, the church and the ideologically aligned superrich emerges. We can see its embryonic form in the EU. Contrary to what many believe or desire, whatever the cost, the EU project will not be permitted to fall apart. All opposition is doomed to fail. One can better understand the purpose of this fourth reich from the words of German Kaiser Wilhelm II after his visit to the Vatican in 1922 ‘It was of interest to me that the Pope said to me on this occasion that Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church’ (from ‘The Kaisers Memoirs’, page 211, Herper & Bros, 1922). Ignorance of history leads it to be repeated again for the fourth and final time. The Babylonian empire arises for the last time as fortold by Daniel’s prophecy.

Perhaps we need to remind the reader of how the papal chamberlain and knight of malta and German Chancellor, Franz von Papen resigned his position as German Chancellor and persuaded the German president von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler in his place, he (Papen) then gave the Nazis political credibility by serving as Hitler’s vice Chancellor. Papen claimed that “they” had hired Hitler and plainly declared that “Nazism is a Christian (catholic) reaction against the spirit of 1789”, namely the overturning of the ancient regime by the ideals of liberty, democracy and equality that had underpinned the French Revolution. The proof of this was that Hilter’s first act after becoming chancellor, with Papen’s support  and that of the  catholic church controlled Zentrum party was to pass the Enabling Act of 1933 that stripped away all of the liberties of the German people. This abolished the rights of habeas corpus, inviolability of residence, privacy of all communications (telephone, telegraph and mail), freedom of expression, assembly and forming associations, and the freedom from the expropriation of private property by the government. Papen  stated ‘The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy’ (Der Voelkischer Beobachter, 1/14/1934). The welcome abolition of these protestant liberties was rewarded by the vatican’s secretary of state  signing a concordat on behalf of Pope Pius XI with von Papen and von Hindenburg signing on behalf of the German government. This  concordat that has never been repudiated gave the Nazi quasi-dictatorial regime international and “moral” legitimacy.  In this light, in spite of the propaganda of the time, WW2 can be seen for what it really was, a crusade to destroy the principles of protestantism and liberty that had spread throughout Europe and reestablish “the ancient regime” – the subjugation of the common people by the church of the ancient regime and its aristocratic “secular” arm.

While the protestant legacy appeared at the time to have survived the onslaught of WW2, it was  weakened in the processes only to endure additional and more insidious and subtle attacks. While the “hired” agent had been defeated, those that had hired him, not only survived unscathed, but gained international economic power and political influence from the conflict. Given that Hitler would have succeeded had it not been for the intervention of the non European powers, now the field of conflict became the entire western world where the protestant legacy still prevailed.  This is clear when one considers the rapid and fundamental anti-biblical changes in western society that were initiated in the 1950’s, were popularised in the  1960’s, became mainstream in the 1970’s,  were legalised in the 1980-90’s and are now today being enforced on all and sundry.  The attacks against  protestant princples have come in the form of various proxy conflicts and few have recognised the common goal and source. These attacks have confused nominal protestants and  even led  them to ignorantly fight against  their own  interests. The success of this stratagy can be seen today  all over the western world. The same liberties that were suppressed in Germany are now being suppressed everywhere.

Economic freedom is being gradually stolen away as is apparent in the destruction of the middle class and the rise of pauperism.  As the gap between the rich and poor increases, vast amounts of power and money are being concentrated in the hands of a few. A class of persons arise above the law. Political freedom is lost. Democracy, that can only exist among equals is replaced with an oligarchy – the rule of a new aristocracy. Republics remain so in name only. Political  parties have been bought by vested interests and there is little real choice or say for the common man in the affairs of government. Then there is the loss of freedom of conscience. Financial penalties and prosecution can now be expected for acting according to one’s conscience in refusing to cater to iniquity. Conscientious belief contrary to the interests of powerful parties is now held to be a form of extremism to be dealt with as the worst kind of public evil. This is the result of the union of anti-biblical groups and the state, a convenient proxy to destroy what remains of protestantism without being detected. It is the perfect Hegelian dialectic, the expected backlash of misinformed protestants will bring about a union of an anti-protestant church and state thinking that this will fix everything wrong with the nation.

On another front secular christian cultures are being intentionally subjected to cultureshock  by the  importation of large numbers of those with radically different values and customs. This social engineering strategy is designed to create a backlash seeking to impose “christian” (but not protestant) cultural norms on society and restrict the practice of often unacceptable, non christian religious customs.  All the while protestanism is also being attacked from within. Since the Vatican II  council in 1962-65,  the ecumenical movement has steadily led the leaders of once protestant denominations to compromise to the point where they no longer have anything at all to protest about. This has in part led to the development of the emergent church movement which has its roots deeply entrenched in the preprotestant mysticism of the ancient regime. The results is a whole generation of anti-protestant christians who not only don’t know what protestantism is but think it is a danger to society. With the “pestilential error” of freedom of conscience removed, and the church state union in place, the way will be opened for an anti-protestant church to impose its dogmas using its “secular arm” of civil government on all and sundry without needing to worry about religious freedom. Thus the way fo the antichrist is being prepared.

Indeed the institutions of the ancient regime are not only flourishing today, but have almost completely eradicated the protestant principle without anyone noticing. The deadly wound of Rev 13 is virtually healed. The new European order that is the babylonian beast is arising before our eyes but few can see it. Even leading protestants are so blind that they are also celebrating the eradication of protestant principles, under the guise of “peace and safety” little understanding what the result will be. The time is soon coming when some will repent from their cheerleading but it will be too late.

To guarantee peace, and because  none other than the self proclaimed, infallible, vicar of God on earth has declared that they all worship the same god, a politically influential, universal religion  under the auspices of the “spiritual” head of the old regime emerges; a combining of Christianity, Islam, and new age “baptised” paganism. Dissidence is labelled a hate crime. The cycle of control is perfected. By controlling the servile masses the will of the church is enforced on their rulers, by controlling the governments to enforce the church’s dogmas and practices, the people are imperceptibly brought more fully under the church’s control. Religious liberty is cast aside as a national evil. Benefits and privileges are loaded on those that further the geo-political ambitions of the church at the expense of others. The ancient regime is thus fully restored. Having regained their dominion, the institutions of the old regime intend never again to permit the people to regain their lost liberties. For the heirs of the ancient regime the restoration their ancient privileges, wealth and power is certainly good cause to celebrate. The woman Babylon can once again  ride forth to vanquish her enemies on her restored beast.

‘The Church of Rome is one monarchy over all the kingdoms, as the mind and soul of the body of the man, or as God in the world. Therefore, the Church of Rome must not only have the spiritual power, but also the supreme temporal power’ Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical, of 1879

“The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error–a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a state.’ Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Letter of August 15, 1854,




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