Turkey’s Coup – A Harbinger.

29 07 2016

As explained in previous aticles, the world is coming to the end of the third and final political cycle of history. Ancient yet powerful forces are reawakening and reasserting themselves  for the last great struggle. Each cycle is described by the prophet Daniel as consisting of four phases (or kingdoms) which he repeated three separate times. Each begins with  a Babylonian new world  order and generally ends with a republic that becomes a empire. The first began with Babel and ended with the neoAssyrian Empire, then the cycle restarted with the NeoBabylonian Empire and ended with the Roman Republic come empire.  Finally a new cycle arose with the babylonian Holy Roman Empire that ended with the rise of the US republic that has also become an empire. That history repeats is after all a Biblical principle –

 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. Ecc 3:15

In each case the cycle begins with a reasserting of Babylon’s religious agenda through a union of church and state.  The succeeding political phases become increasingly secular, culminating in the emergence of a repblic until the republican forces in society are swept away by a dictator that introduces a radical religious agenda that brings the cycle to its end. This prepares the way for the rise of the Babylonian phase of a new cycle, with its characteristic religious intolerance and persecution.

This is where recent events in Turkey come in. There is an old Spanish proverb that goes something like this. “When you see your neighbour’s beard being cut be prepared to do the same.” We are now nearing the end of the republican phase of the current cycle. When it is done, the final Babylonian new world order, the woman riding the beast of Rev 17 will emerge. Mystery Babylon is about to arise for the final time  – and will be quickly swept away as described in Revelation 18. This short-lived new world order, will not be a secular, liberal-atheistic paradise, but will be a time of religious persecution. All who will not worship Babylon’s beast or receive the mark of the beast will be put to death. Since the beast is a political entitiy,  religious dissenters will be persecuted as being enemies of the state. This is exactly what is now taking place. Over 70,000 have been arrested or lost their jobs, and hundreds of hospitals, schools, universities, and news agencies have been siezed by the government, simply because they promote political freedom and religious moderation.

This is not an isolated event. The accelerating demise of secular societies is a sign of the end; the climate is ripe for the rise of Babylon’s Beast.  Consider that for the last 10 years, one by one, “uncooperative” secular governments in the middle east have been overturned and replaced with Islamist ones. Iraq, Tunisia, Libya are “mission accomplished.” In progress are Syria and Lebanon. These have been  “regime changed” under the guise of bringing them freedom and democracy. While primarily muslim, these societies protected personal liberty especially when it came to religous freedom. In contrast with these, sharia law imposes the death penalty on religeous apostates and persecution of non-belivers. These nations have now gained the religious freedom of imposing Sharia law on all their citizens and enhanced democracies where secretive, international players get to have a majority vote in their government affairs. Iran is also uncooperative but while it already has all the requisite freedom to enforce sharia fully, it has not had the will to do so and needs regime change to change this flaw and adopt a similar enhanced democracy. Turkey being a fully cooperative government did not need regime change, but still needed the religious freedom to persecute religious dissenters.

This is not just an “arab spring” thing. The Hegelian dialectic has been perfected. Secularism and the freedoms it purportedly protects are being lost worldwide. Russia has just imposed legislation prohibiting the ability to share one’s faith outside of preapproved church buildings. The recent scandal of a German comedian being prosecuted under a centuries old law for insulting the Turkish president led to widespread disbelief in the West. Yet at the same time, without being featured in the news, Europeans are being sentenced to prison for the crime of insulting their own kings – with the judge declaring that “such behaviour is not acceptible in today’s society.” One wonders what century the judge thinks it is?

The previous article “Celebrating the return of the Old Regime” considered the tightening noose and rise of religious intolerance in the West. Many Christians decry the evils of secularism, but its end will bring about the restoration of the old regime, and with it the rise of Babylon’s beast, its image and mark. In the past the old regime was unable to  crush dissent from its religious and political agenda because dissenters found sanctuary in the New World. When the old babylonian regime is restored, there will be no escape – this time they will find no sanctuary, there is no new world to run to. It will be the final apocalypse. The end is near, even at the doors – what side will you be on?






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