3 Headed Eagle Vision Revisited

24 12 2016

In my original 2009 post about this ancient prophecy found in 2 Esdras and its fulfilment I interpreted the waking of the first head and devouring of the 2 wings following the current president as taking place via some kind of coup – resulting in an unelected person assuming the presidency. One reader commented his belief that it would not be after the 12th but 14th president following H.Hoover and would push the fulfilment of this part of the vision out till 2024/2030 at the very earliest. I have been reflecting about these issues and want to share my thoughts with you.

Timing: It is important to get the timing right! The vision states that after Bill Clinton’s presidency (the 12th) two more “contrary” presidents would rule prior to the waking of the first of three heads. In total the vision says there would be 8 contrary wings (2 Esd. 11:10-11). Two of those would “perish when the middle of its [eagle’s] time draw near” (2 Esd. 12:21) , two would rule after Bill Clinton, two would prepare to rule but never do so and the final two would rule after the 3 heads and preside over the end of the nation.

The key to figuring out if the prophecy points to the first head arising now or in 8-12 years from now is what “the middle of its time” refers to since they perish before that time. The only other reference to “the middle of its time” is found in 2 Esd. 12:18 when it says that “the middle of that kingdom’s time” is the great depression from which it begins to count the 12 presidents. So there is no way that these 2 can have any role at the end of the nation’s history. It leaves us with no other conclusion than that the first head has awaken and is about to assume power in the country.

The second issue that originally led me to believe that the first head would initially awake in 2012 is the statement in 2 Esd.11:27 when it says “a second also, and this disappeared more quickly than the preceding one.” I assumed that this meant that since Bush had ruled two terms, Soetero would not complete second term. However the statement could instead  refer to the influnce/legacy of the ex-presidents rather than their term in office. If this is the case then it would be easy to see how this is about to be fulfilled. Not only did Soetero continue and extend Bush’s policies and legacy, but  Trump has stated his intention to completely eradicate Soetero’s legacy and he has the support in the house and senate to do so.

If the interpretation of both of these verses are correct then the first head is about to assume his post at the head of the nation.

Rise to Power: The second issue is the nature of how the first head comes to power. Esdras tells us in (11:31) that it devours the two contrary wings when they are planning to rule. Clearly this must have taken/will take place before the inauguration. I had originally assumed that was to be a non-democratic coup of some kind based on Esdras assertion in (2 Esd.12:11) that the eagle was Daniel’s 4th kingdom. In another post I document how Daniel’s prophecy has repeated fulfilments in history and the prophecy of the 4th kingdom was fulfulled in the history of Assyria, Rome and now in America. In each, 3 notable rulers arise, in Assyria it was the biblical Senacherib, Esarhaddon and Ashurbanipal, in Rome it was the Caesars; Julius, Augustus and Tiberius and in America it will be the three heads of the eagle. In considering the parallel to Julius Caesar, who overthrew the senate to gain power I concluded that a coup of some kind was indicated.

An educated guess however is still just a guess and while history repeats it does not always do it in exactly the same way. Esdra’s literary device in stating that the first head “devoured” the wings preparing to rule does not mandate a coup. Symbolically speaking how else is a bird head with only a beak going to overturn a planned presidency. Those planning to occupy the white house won’t be literally devoured in any way. It is just as possible that this devouring just refers to the annihilation of the presidential nominee’s candidature. Where does this leave us? Is Trump the first head?

Review: Lets review the facts.

  1. The first head acts when someone is already planning their presidency. This implies that they are virtually assured of taking the position.
  2. We are not told how the first head comes to power, just that it “suddenly awakes” and devours the planned president which implies a large element of surprise – the whole matter is quite unexpected if not a bit out of the ordinary.
  3. The head is quite unlike previous presidents, clearly he is not a politican.
  4. The first head will renew many things (2  Esd:12:23) and rule with a stronger hand than any before him.

There has perhaps been no candidate more surer of claiming the presidency than Hillary. She not only had the support of all the media, many foreign governments, but had the DNC rigged to make sure of it and all the polls put her way in the lead. She even had preplanned post-election celebrations, which  had to cancelled at the last minute. Her defeat was so unexpected that it has led to total disbelief and much angst among her supporters.

In spite of Trump’s statement that he is not seeking to do her any harm, Hillary remains at a high risk of being devoured by her email and clinton foundation scandals. The FBI is continuing their investigation. Whether she is prosecuted or not it makes little difference in the bigger scheme of things, the fact that the investigation continues and the risk of prosecution is sufficient to keep her down and out.

While Trump had been toying with the idea of running for president over the years, few people took him seriously, many assuming that his motions in that direction was just to gain publicity for his businesses. The 2016 election was as much a sudden, if not a rude awakening for the entire political establishment, as if he had shown no previous interest.  His winning the presidency was a bolt out of the blue and with his election have awoken  many conservative political forces that have been dormant for many years.

Trump’s platform is precisely that of “renewing many things” – and in so doing “making america great again“, if only for a period of time. So the current president elect can in fact be seen to fit the symbolic description in the prophecy. If he is the first head of this eagle, then all the other events listed in my original post will take place within the next few years. Economic crash, civil war/unrest and the union of church and state. His rise marks the beginning of the end. It represents the last gasp for air of the america of old before it sinks into oblivion. The president elect no doubt has good intentions, and will restore many things but the good ship of liberty has gone too far to ever come back. She might turn about, but the unseen tide of clandestine forces will nevertheless continue to sweep her further into the awaiting storm that is the final apocalypse.


Hegel, the Maccabean Revolt and Today

19 11 2016

The Hegelian dilectic is clearly at work in politics today. Most are too emotionally engaged with the election and its aftermath to see the forest for the trees. The best way to understand what is taking place is detach ourselves from current affairs and too look at a similar time in history.

Many parallels have been drawn in the past between America and ancient Israel. At the end of their Babylonian in 538AD, the Jews fled west across the river, to the promised land were they were free to worship God unhindered. Similarly after the captivity of the Christian church, under the hand of mystery Babylon came to an end, protestants fled across the sea to the west to their promised land (Rev 17:4-6; 12:13-16) were they had the freedom to worship God according to their consciences. In their promised lands, life was at first hard, but with God’s blessings and their hard work they slowly rebuilt their nations. The day came when both finally gained their independence as nations. For Israel it at the time of Alexander the Great, for America it was 1783. They continued to prosper materially and spiritually for a time.

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Turkey’s Coup – A Harbinger.

29 07 2016

As explained in previous aticles, the world is coming to the end of the third and final political cycle of history. Ancient yet powerful forces are reawakening and reasserting themselves  for the last great struggle. Each cycle is described by the prophet Daniel as consisting of four phases (or kingdoms) which he repeated three separate times. Each begins with  a Babylonian new world  order and generally ends with a republic that becomes a empire. The first began with Babel and ended with the neoAssyrian Empire, then the cycle restarted with the NeoBabylonian Empire and ended with the Roman Republic come empire.  Finally a new cycle arose with the babylonian Holy Roman Empire that ended with the rise of the US republic that has also become an empire. That history repeats is after all a Biblical principle –

 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. Ecc 3:15

In each case the cycle begins with a reasserting of Babylon’s religious agenda through a union of church and state.  The succeeding political phases become increasingly secular, culminating in the emergence of a repblic until the republican forces in society are swept away by a dictator that introduces a radical religious agenda that brings the cycle to its end. This prepares the way for the rise of the Babylonian phase of a new cycle, with its characteristic religious intolerance and persecution.

This is where recent events in Turkey come in. There is an old Spanish proverb that goes something like this. “When you see your neighbour’s beard being cut be prepared to do the same.” We are now nearing the end of the republican phase of the current cycle. When it is done, the final Babylonian new world order, the woman riding the beast of Rev 17 will emerge. Mystery Babylon is about to arise for the final time  – and will be quickly swept away as described in Revelation 18. This short-lived new world order, will not be a secular, liberal-atheistic paradise, but will be a time of religious persecution. All who will not worship Babylon’s beast or receive the mark of the beast will be put to death. Since the beast is a political entitiy,  religious dissenters will be persecuted as being enemies of the state. This is exactly what is now taking place. Over 70,000 have been arrested or lost their jobs, and hundreds of hospitals, schools, universities, and news agencies have been siezed by the government, simply because they promote political freedom and religious moderation.

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Celebrating the Restoration of the Ancient Regime

2 07 2016

Historically many protestants have held that the woman riding the beast of Revelation 17 represents the Holy Roman Empire under the the control of Rome. The woman being a church and the beast a kingdom. The woman is a harlot because of the illicit relationship it has with the kings that make up this empire. This beast is essentially identical to the “first” beast described in Rev 13, the one that enforces the mark of the beast. They both have 7 heads and 10 horns and blaspheme God. Rev 13 gives us the additional information that this beast essentially resurrects from an apparent deadly wound which is why in Rev 17 we are told that this beast “was and is not yet shall ascend” It “is not” because following its deadly wound this empire apparently ceases to exist until its wound is healed and it resurrects from apparently nowhere.

According to a common protestant understanding the deadly wound was inflicted by Napoleon’s 1798 overthrow of the “Ancient Regime” which was essentially the socio-politico-religio-economic system of the Holy Roman Empire, medieval Europe during the dark ages. This system was dominated by one thousand year old ecclesiastical and aristocratic institutions that colluded together to control the populace for their own gain. In this system the state was no more than “the sword of the church”. Thus the clergy and aristocracy (being ordained by god, ie his representative, the pope) were above the law, which was itself largely dictated by the church. Dissidence, either political or religious was punishable by the most gruesome death and freedom of conscience was a mortal heresy, as were the ideas of freedom of speech, association, privacy, right to a fair trial, private property etc. All this, ie the ancient regime, came to an end not just in practice but also formally with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. While Napoleon struck the final blow, in truth the Ancient Regime had been bleeding ever since Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the Wittenburg’s castle church door in 1517. That led to the protest of the German Princes against the abuses of the church and their embracing of the freedoms of conscience, speech and religion. They were joined soon after in breaking away from Rome by the English throne and other nations.

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Republic Ends, Empire Arises

19 09 2015

Lately there has been a lot of people making prophetic claims about Sept 2015, Shemitahs and such things. The justification for these is mostly based on coincidences to do with the well known 7 year economic cycle. Since there is no direct prophetic support for prophetic application of the Shemitah in the scriptures one has to be careful since Jesus warned us that many false prophecies (and prophets) would arise in the last days. So rather than speculate about how Jewish customs and feasts might be turned into prophetic prognostications, I want to look at an event that is prophesied in the scriptures and that is the event that initiates the entire apocayptic sequence in the book of Revelation.

That event is the overturning of the main principle of the republic’s constitution and the assumption of monarchical or imperial power by an unelected president. When this takes place we will know, based on Bible Prophecy that we have entered the apocalypse. It will signify the end of civil liberty, immediately precede the first step in the abolition of religious liberty necessary for the enforcement of the mark of the beast and will be followed by a bloody civil war that will make the US Civil War in 1860’s look like child’s play.

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Who Comes to His End before the Great Tribulation?

18 04 2015

It has been a while since my last post. Our world is at the tipping point, its is on the verge of rushing headlong into the final events described in the apocalypse. While the coming events can not be avoided, they can be delayed just as the destruction of Nineveh was postponed as it responded to the warning of Jonah. Also, in mercy God holds back the coming strife so that some might take heed of the warnings and be saved from the coming destruction. How long will God wait? how long will the door of mercy remain open? We can not know but the signs of the times yell out that it can not be long. Every day brings us a day closer to the event that will unleash the forces of hell. That event will be the open repudiation of the two main principles that underly the constitution. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that, that day is not very far away. The time that we have we should spend in preparation for what is coming. One thing we can do is to  gain an understanding of what is to come.

To most people the final player in the world drama before the great tribulation in 11:40-45 is a bit mystery. Some think it is one identified as “the  king of North” others disagree. Some think this is a literal kingdom/nation  others think it is some other kind of power. Some claim it belongs to the distant past (preterism) the less distant past (historicism) or the present/future (futurism)? Since they don’t understand who it represents they turn to the easy solution of allegorising or “spiritualising” the prophecy so that they can claim to understand it while in fact they really don’t.  Yet, there is really no need for it to be a mystery as the prophecy quite clearly explains itself. Further more it does not matter whether we take a preterist, historicist or futurist view – all roads as they say lead to Rome (figuratively), as we shall see.

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America’s Destiny – Beyond 2012

14 06 2011

There is a lot of hullabaloo about 2012 and the Mayan calendar most of which I dare say is just baseless speculation. Mayan calendar enthusiasts  have put together a whole spectrum of possibilities of what could take place but will most likely not take place. Given that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012 but just continues on with a new cycle, the only thing that the Mayans believed was that it marked the end of an era. What that means and what events take place then, is not at all defined by the Mayan calendar.

It is a bit like the Y2K scare/scam, every self-appointed expert was predicting the end of the world, and those who should have known better (and probably did know better) were predicting catastrophic destruction of businesses that did not hire them at much expense to rewrite their software for them (which incidentally often was completely unnecessary). Nothing like a good scam to make money. Yet something did happen just 9 months later in 2001, on the day that the world changed for ever. Just as the world did not end at midnight Dec 31, 2000, and Y2K was used to justify all kinds of nonsense, the Mayan calendar is today being used to justify all kinds of nonsense and you can be sure the world will not end on Dec 21, 2012. However, 2012 will be the end of an era, and the beginning of a new of which 2001 was the wake up call, a birth pang announcing that a new post-secular era was in gestation, impatient to be born.

So let’s think about what it means when an era comes to an end. There are many historical examples to borrow from. We have the end of the Jewish era with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, and closer to home the end of the Christian era in the mid 1800’s. It is not that there were no more Jews after 70AD,  nor Christians after the mid 1800’s but there was no more a Jewish state after 70AD and Christianity displaced Judaism in the Roman Empire. Similarly absolute Christian monarchies came to an end in the early 1800’s and secular-democracy arose as the dominant ideology and the secular state was born. So what can we expect post 2012? First of all we can expect a rejection of secularism as the dominant ideology and the rise of authoritarianism.  Not surprisingly fundamentalism is seeing a healthy revival on the part of government policies around the world. The global economy is also in the process or undergoing a radical pole shift; away from the first world to the second/third world and politically there is a global reversion away from the principles that arose out of the enlightenment (late 1700’s) towards the centralisation of power, the undermining of democracy, etc, etc, .

So then, are there  any specific prognostications that can be made about 2012, or at least about its aftermath? Some clues can be found in the events of the past (fall of the Roman Republic, the fall of the Roman Empire, etc) and in the writings of the ancient prophets that wrote about the rise of  the final apocalyptic empire and its fate. Those with their eyes and ears open can recognise that in spite of economic obstacles, greatest empire the world has ever seen is rapidly materialising before our very eyes; preparing to fulfil its prophetic destiny within the post-secular world of the final Apocalypse. If having more than 850 military bases in 135 of the 190 countries in the world does not constitute the greatest military empire in the history of  the world, nothing does. Yet it will have a short career because the same forces  behind the downfall of the soviet union are already at play preparing the downfall of the new Empire. (See The Keys of This Blood by M.Martin for further details).

Based on an extensive study of ancient apocalyptic literature in the context of the repeating themes of history I have put together a brief summary time line of future events of what, according to the ancient prophets, is about to unfold. (additional details follow the chart and on other pages on this blog) There is nothing vague here, so if events 1-3 take place you can be pretty sure the rest will follow. The order of some of the events is a little unclear from the prophecies, so I might not have all the sequence of future events exactly right (or the dates), but the overall picture is fairly solid.  (click on the chart below for a sharper image)

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