Daniel 11

The Vision of Daniel 11

Chapter 11 of Daniel is a prophecy of the major events in the entire history of the world starting from 300 BC. It begins with the history of the Greek empire, then describes the rise and fall the Roman Empire, then the Holy Roman Empire, the history of modern Europe, the US Empire and finally that of the ten kings that rule for one hour with the beast of Revelation.

Click on the topics in the table for an explanation about how the following verses have been / will be fulfilled.

Summary Table

Verse Topic Ancient Modern
2-3 A Mighty King Alexander The Great Napoleon Bonaparte
4-5 Kingdom Split Up Alexander’s Death Napoleon’s Waterloo
6 A Peace Treaty 249 BC Antiochus II married to Bernice 1878 Treaty of Berlin
7-9 Retaliation Third Syrian War World War 1
10-11 Revenge Fourth Syrian War World War 2
12 Many Cast Down Persecution of 60,000 Jews Holocaust
13-15 The Walled City Falls Pelusium: Fall of Ptolemaic kingdom Berlin: Fall of Soviet Block
16 He That Cometh Rome USA
17 Fall of the Republic Rise of Julius Caesar Rise of Modern Caesar
18 Many Taken from Coasts Civil War Civil War
19-20 Raiser of Taxes Augustus Caesar Second Modern Caesar
21 The Vile One Tiberius Caesar Third Modern Caesar
22-23 The League Triumvirate: Octavius – Mark Antony Future Power Sharing Arrangement
24-27 The League Ended Battle of Actium 31 BC Coming political conflict
28 Returns with great riches Value of gold fell by 1/2 Future –
29-30 Ships from Chittim Vandal fleet sacks Rome Ships from Tartus attack empire
31-32 The Fall of The Empire Gothic Invasion / Narses Fall of USA
33-35 They that understand Persecution of Christians that would not bow to Rome Persecution of those without mark of the beast
36 Magnify Himself Above God Rise of Holy Roman Empire Rise of Man of Sin / Babylon Rides the beast
38-39 Rule and Divide the Land For Gain Papal Bulls Laudabiliter and Inter Caetera Come elimination of private property and redistribution of land

Recap of the Vision

40 At the Time of the End
41 Enter Into Many Countries
42-43 Egypt Shall Not Escape
44-45 Come to His End
12:1 Time of Trouble

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