Earthquake Increase – 2011 Updates

11 03 2011

(updated Nov 17, 2011)

Today we exceeded last years record for the most number of Magn 5+ earthquakes in a year. The highest ever was 2270 in 2007 and as of today we reached a total of 2282 for the year and there are still 6 weeks remaining. Given that we are averaging about 5 to 6 a day and there are still another 42 days or so left I expect we will beat the record by about 210 quakes to make a total of about 2490 of Magn 5+ quakes for the 2011 calendar year.

Its not just that this year has broken the record for the all time highest number of earthquakes of magnitude 5 and up but of across all magnitudes as is clear from the charts upto 2008 showing the exponential rise is the number of quakes with magnitudes below 5.0. It is just a shame the that powers that be decided after 2008 that it was in our best interest to stop making the data available and to keep us in the dark, about what is really happening to the earth.

(updated Sept 15, 2011)

In the last 25 hours there have been four earthquakes greater than 6.0 including a 7.3 in Fiji. Over the last 50 years there has only been on average 10 quakes a month of magnitude 6.0 and up. So having 4 in a day and 8 this week is in keeping with this year’s explosive increase in the number of earthquakes. This year we have already had 174 M6.0 and up and more than 2000 M5.0 and up, which in both cases is above the long term average.:


Magn 5+

Magn 6+

Magn 7+









The chart below has been updated and is current to Aug 30, 2011. (click on it for a sharper image)

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2010 Earthquake Update

4 03 2011

This is an update to my earlier post from 2009. The last decade has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of earthquakes worldwide warning us that the end of all things is rapidly approaching. The year 2010 had the second highest number of magnitude 3,4 and 5 earthquakes in recorded history. While I can not show you the chart for earthquakes of all magnitudes as they stopped releasing earthquake data for magnitudes < 4.5 you can see this relentless trend in the chart below.  (see a more recent chart here) (You can still see the complete chart from 1975 – 2008  here.)

It must be emphasized that since the 1930’s a single seismograph is capable of accurately detecting earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 and greater anywhere in the world. Similar earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 and greater have been reliably detected since 1965. Having more seismographs and high tech ones does not mean you detect more earthquakes, as some would have you believe, just that you can pin point their location more accurately in 3D space (latitude, longitude and depth). 

It is not just the quantity of earthquakes that is increasing. The Chilean Earthquake in February 2010 with a magnitude of 8.8 was the seventh most powerful in all recorded history and the January earthquake Haiti is ranked as the sixth deadliest earthquake in history.

The Bible says that increasing earthquakes is a warning sign of the coming apocalypse. While evolutionary geologists scoff at the Word of God claiming that “all things continue as they were from the beginning” (2 Pet 3:4) the very rocks are crying out to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see that the end of all things is at hand – those that ignore the warnings of nature and fail to make the appropriate preparation, do so at the peril of their souls.

Pole Shift Causing Earthquakes?

4 03 2011

With the increasing seismic activity of the last few years (click here) and extreme weather related disasters it is easy to overlook another natural phenomena that is undergoing unprecedented increase. From the earliest records in 1590 we know that the locations of the earth’s magnetic poles wander by up to a kilometer or two each year.

What is interesting is that over the last century the distance that the North Pole has shifted began rising. It gained even more speed  over the last 20 years, reaching a peak in the year 2000 when it shifted 71 kilometers. Since then it has continued moving towards Siberia at a rate of between 50 to 60 kms each year. At the same time the earth’s magnetic field strength has been markedly decreasing which is likely to have catastrophic consequences on the ecology such as the recent spate of mass animal deaths not to mention effects on our high-tech human civilisation.

What I find interesting about the pole shift is that if you plot the pole shift distance per year together with the number of earthquakes greater than a magnitude of 3.0 since 1975 we get an interesting correlation: (click on the chart for a sharper image)

(The pole shift data comes from the NOAA and the earthquake data from USGS.)

What we see is a reasonably high correlation between the poleshift and number of earthquakes each year.  It is unclear whether one is causing the other or if both are being caused by something else behind the scenes such as the influence of the sun or changes deep down in the earth’s core. Given that there is no known reason for the unprecedented increase in earthquakes (making denial the easy ‘scientific’ choice) this link with the pole shift is highly interesting. If the pole shift increase continues as do the earthquake rises then life on this planet is going to get very interesting indeed – and bring about an apocalypse of Biblical proportions – the final apocalypse.

Huge Earthquake Increase

4 10 2009

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Preterism, Historicism and Futurism

5 09 2009

When we try to understand prophecy we immediately run in to the problem of how it should be interpreted. In the first century the Christians interpreted the Apocalypse to be already beginning to be fulfilled. During the middle ages the prophecies of the Apocalypse were understood to be in the process of fulfilment in their day and this interpretation is today called Historicism because those fulfilments are now in our past. Another two methods were developed during the counterreformation to counteract Historicism called Pretersm and Futurism. Both of these attempted to remove the immediacy and relevance of prophecy to those living at that time by interpreting their fulfilments to having taken place way in the past (Preterism) or sometime way in the future (Futurism).   It was basically  a way of saying to people “don’t worry about prophecy – It doesn’t concern you – go back to sleep.” Both of these methods had little acceptance for two hundred years until dispensationalism gained popularity and was combined with futurism to come up with what have been become popular interpretations of prophecy.

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Is and Was and Is to Come

5 09 2009

We have noted how God repeats things three times to establish them and that Revelation confirms that Jesus is He “which is and which was and which is to come.” (Rev 1:8). More than affirming that Christ, the eternal one, died and rose again and will return as is stated in many other verses (eg Rev 1:17,18; 5:6,13; 22:13) the mere fact that this exact same expression is repeated three times signifies that there is something more for us to understand.

It is not coincidental that in the Revelation John was told that what he was to write encompassed three time periods; the past, the present and the future:

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; (Rev 1:19)

While this verse has a specific application to the seven churches, it also has a broader application to the other prophecies of the Apocolypse. Another clue is that we are told four times that the things described in Revelation would occur very soon, twice using the expression “the time is at hand” and then again as “shortly come to pass” and also “shortly be done.” In the original Greek the expressions translated as “shortly come to pass” and “shortly be done” are identical. So this idea is twice repeated two times at the beginning and two times at the end of the book, with a blessing at the beginning and the end to those who keep and therefore understand. This is clearly not just a casual statement; the Lord wants us to know that the things in Revelation are about to come to pass today!

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The Sign of Jonah

5 09 2009
Just when I thought that the story of Jonah and the whale was no more than a children’s story I suddenly realised that it was actually an apocalyptic prophecy not only of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 but also of the “evil and adulterous generation” that lives in the last days. Hence the sign of Jonah is fulfilled three times. This startling revelation did not just come out of the blue on its own but emerged as I began to understand that many biblical prophecies have repeated fulfilments in history and the pieces of the big picture in the book of Revelation began to come together like a jigsaw. You also need to understand the day-for-a-year principle of bible prophecy (Eze 4:6; Num 14:34).

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 This short presentation leaves out many details but you can read more about Jonah’s prophecy here. (or by selecting it from the menu bar at the top of the page.) You may wonder why in the final sign of Jonah I have the time periods as years, years, and days, instead of the days, years, years of the second fulfilment. This may be wrong but my justification is that it will take years not days to warn the entire world against Babylon’s worldwide apostacy yet once the warning is given “except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.” (Mat 24:21-22)