America’s Destiny – Beyond 2012

14 06 2011

There is a lot of hullabaloo about 2012 and the Mayan calendar most of which I dare say is just baseless speculation. Mayan calendar enthusiasts  have put together a whole spectrum of possibilities of what could take place but will most likely not take place. Given that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012 but just continues on with a new cycle, the only thing that the Mayans believed was that it marked the end of an era. What that means and what events take place then, is not at all defined by the Mayan calendar.

It is a bit like the Y2K scare/scam, every self-appointed expert was predicting the end of the world, and those who should have known better (and probably did know better) were predicting catastrophic destruction of businesses that did not hire them at much expense to rewrite their software for them (which incidentally often was completely unnecessary). Nothing like a good scam to make money. Yet something did happen just 9 months later in 2001, on the day that the world changed for ever. Just as the world did not end at midnight Dec 31, 2000, and Y2K was used to justify all kinds of nonsense, the Mayan calendar is today being used to justify all kinds of nonsense and you can be sure the world will not end on Dec 21, 2012. However, 2012 will be the end of an era, and the beginning of a new of which 2001 was the wake up call, a birth pang announcing that a new post-secular era was in gestation, impatient to be born.

So let’s think about what it means when an era comes to an end. There are many historical examples to borrow from. We have the end of the Jewish era with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, and closer to home the end of the Christian era in the mid 1800’s. It is not that there were no more Jews after 70AD,  nor Christians after the mid 1800’s but there was no more a Jewish state after 70AD and Christianity displaced Judaism in the Roman Empire. Similarly absolute Christian monarchies came to an end in the early 1800’s and secular-democracy arose as the dominant ideology and the secular state was born. So what can we expect post 2012? First of all we can expect a rejection of secularism as the dominant ideology and the rise of authoritarianism.  Not surprisingly fundamentalism is seeing a healthy revival on the part of government policies around the world. The global economy is also in the process or undergoing a radical pole shift; away from the first world to the second/third world and politically there is a global reversion away from the principles that arose out of the enlightenment (late 1700’s) towards the centralisation of power, the undermining of democracy, etc, etc, .

So then, are there  any specific prognostications that can be made about 2012, or at least about its aftermath? Some clues can be found in the events of the past (fall of the Roman Republic, the fall of the Roman Empire, etc) and in the writings of the ancient prophets that wrote about the rise of  the final apocalyptic empire and its fate. Those with their eyes and ears open can recognise that in spite of economic obstacles, greatest empire the world has ever seen is rapidly materialising before our very eyes; preparing to fulfil its prophetic destiny within the post-secular world of the final Apocalypse. If having more than 850 military bases in 135 of the 190 countries in the world does not constitute the greatest military empire in the history of  the world, nothing does. Yet it will have a short career because the same forces  behind the downfall of the soviet union are already at play preparing the downfall of the new Empire. (See The Keys of This Blood by M.Martin for further details).

Based on an extensive study of ancient apocalyptic literature in the context of the repeating themes of history I have put together a brief summary time line of future events of what, according to the ancient prophets, is about to unfold. (additional details follow the chart and on other pages on this blog) There is nothing vague here, so if events 1-3 take place you can be pretty sure the rest will follow. The order of some of the events is a little unclear from the prophecies, so I might not have all the sequence of future events exactly right (or the dates), but the overall picture is fairly solid.  (click on the chart below for a sharper image)

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